5+ Years Of Experience

With over 5 years of Experience in the Metal fabrication Industry, We have been manufacturing, supplying and Exporting a wide gamut of Expansion Bellows and Expansion Joints, strainers and sight glasses.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

We are one of the leading names in Fabricating, Exporting & Supplying all sort of Expansion Bellows, Joints and Strainers. Our Company is an ISO certified 9001:2015

#1 Team in Region

We run regular tests to check the quality of our finished Products. We always deliver the projects before deadline, we believe in adding value to your business, that what separates us from the market.

Best in the Market

Yogiraj Engineering is all about Welding and fabrication business, providing important services to a wide variety of industries. We are a team of  Qualified welders and fabricators having experience.

Yogiraj Engineering Company

Majority of our Expansion Bellows, Strainer, Sight Flow Indicator, Valve products, Tank and other Fabrications are customised solutions. It means that we design and produce pipe expansion joints or metal expansion joints, Strainer, Sight Flow Indicator, and Valve in accordance with close interaction with the customer requirements. Furthermore, we are often involved with our customers in design and development of new products for challenging applications.
Behind this success is a team of dedicated engineers and visionaries with expertise in all types of expansion joints and pipe expansion applications, Strainer, Sight Flow Indicator, Valve. Our team boasts of an extensive background in design, engineering and producing metal bellows, compensators, hoses and fabric and rubber joints, Strainer, Sight Flow Indicator, Valve.
Our commitment to quality of expansion joint, Strainer, Sight Flow Indicator, Valve starts at the quotation stage itself. The products are produced using software designed by our able engineers using extensive field research and then tested in our in-house testing facilities before delivery.
Having established and maintained a name that resonates with quality, state of the art technology and customer satisfaction you can rest assured that all your flexible piping needs will be met with the finest product standards from the house of Yogiraj Engineering Company the leading manufacturer of metal bellows expansion joints.

Our Product Portfolio

Single Expansion Bellows

Double Expansion Bellows

Universal Expansion bellows

Rubber Expansion Bellows

Gimbal Expansion Bellows

Elbow Pressure Balance Pipe Expansion Bellows

Expansion Joints Portfolio

Strainers & Sight Glasses

Material Handling Equipment

Why Choose YogiRaj Engineering Company ?

Why Us?

The main reason that has worked behind our immense success is the fabrication of qualitative range of our products. In addition, our proper packaging and prompt delivery also assisted in getting a place at our clients’ heart.

We Are Well Versed


We are professionals in the fabrication and qualitative range product.

We Provide Finish Standard


We make the products using cutting-edge technologies and the talent of our efficient workforce

We have Enthusiastic

Labour Force

The dedicated and experienced team for any organization like us assisted in establishing the foundation and reaching new heights.

We Provide Certified

ISO Products

We are Fabricating, Exporting and Supplying abroad assortment .our Company is an ISO certified 9001:2015

We Provide Dimensional


The main reason that has worked behind our immense success is the fabrication of the qualitative range products

We Provide Cost-Effectiveness


Wé work on qualitative range product with Cost-Effectiveness


We go to great lengths to identify impressive new talent self starters with specific skill sets to produce truly amazing results.