Rubber expansion joint

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Rubber Expansion Bellows are designed to take care of misalignment, neutralize movement factor and minimize noise and vibration in pipelines and Ducts. They reasonably neutralize the sound and vibration generated from other equipment/machineries in the plant items in the same service building. This Rubber bellows can also be used for many other applications like water, oils, chemicals, gases and in the food industry depending upon the grade of rubber employed. Rubber bellows are available from 25mm to 750 mm nb.(1″ to 29.5″ n.b.) and generally supplied complete with electro plated carbon steel or Mild Steel backing flanges, Retainer Rings, Stretcher Plates. Control Units Etc. Flanges are drilled to suit any standard type. Specially drilled flanges can also be supplied for special cases.
• Excellent mechanical properties
• Excellent resilience and compression set
• Excellent electrical resistivity
• Excellent adhesion to fabric and metals
• Excellent resistance to water and dilute acids and alkalis
• Good flexibility at low temperatures
• Good resistance to abrasion, gouging and cut growth
• Good resistance to oxidation, steam, ketones and oxygenated solvents, alcohols and ammonia
• OK in concentrated alkali and acid
Size available – 25 NB to 1500 NB

Fabric Expansion joint

Read About Fabric Expansion joint

YEC is an experienced manufacturer of Non Metallic fabric Expansion Bellow had having a wide range of design to handle various applications in almost all the industrial application. In some cases replaced the Metallic Bellows with fabric bellows for a given Temperature & Pressure. For Gas Turbine application YEC has developed Combined Layer Seal Pack and is capable to handle upto 1200 DEG C temperature.
This is basically applied into Gas turbine exhaust system duct for compensating thermal expansion, isolation of vibration and minimizing the loads transmitted to the flanges.
• Size available – 50 NB to 4000 NB